13/04/15 - 10:50

Είδατε τα μανούλια που κυκλοφορεί ο Φαν Χάαλ; (ΦΩΤΟ)

Είδατε τα μανούλια που κυκλοφορεί ο Φαν Χάαλ; (ΦΩΤΟ)

Κέρδισε τη Μαν. Σίτι και είπε να το ρίξει λιγάκι έξω ο άνθρωπος...

Οι κυρίες της πρώτης φωτογραφίας, μάλιστα, ανήκουν στο ρόστερ της γυναικείας ομάδας της Μαν. Σίτι!

Louis van Gaal pictured with Manchester City women's players Toni Duggan (left) and Isobel Christiansen (far right), while they were joined by Everton's Michelle Hinnigan (second from right) at Wing's restaurant
Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal leaves Wing's restaurant after celebrating the win with friends
Van Gaal went to the go-to restaurant for footballers and celebrities with his wife Truss and friends
The group seemed in high spirits after United's 4-2 humiliation of their neighbours City at Old Trafford

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